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They are not all out to get you…

Bargaining, haggling, fighting, attempting to screw one another, getting ripped off – all common expressions in the world of street market shopping. China, as the country that experienced the first commercial revolution (all the way back during the Song Dynasty … Continue reading

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A simple phrase – with a lot of meaning

Dear friends, When I first came to China to teach English I went through the classic stages of culture shock. As these have been discussed ad nauseam in other sites (one of the better discussions can be found here: http://middlekingdomlife.com/guide/culture-shock-china.htm) … Continue reading

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The strange pathology of Laowai

Having lived abroad three times in my life (twice in China and once in Singapore), I have had plenty of times to study a peculiar culture. It is not the culture of my adopted country (be it China or Singapore) … Continue reading

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Home for the Barbarians

Ever since the Ming Dynasty agreed to permit oceanic trade with the West on limited terms at Canton (today’s Guangzhou), foreign adventurers and traders called upon the Chinese coast. The evidence of their heyday can still be seen on the … Continue reading

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Greetings Comrades!

It has come to my attention that China, that great mysterious nation across the seas, is somewhat important and increasingly prominent in the news. Having lived and worked there for several years it is greatly dismaying there is so much … Continue reading

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