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How hard is Chinese, really?

When I tell people in the US that I can speak Chinese the usual response is shock and amazement that someone could learn such a difficult language. Of course I must always disabuse them of any fantasies that my Chinese … Continue reading

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Concerning travel websites

One thing there is plenty of in the world today is travel websites. One thing there is a decided lack of is some degree of regulation or formal editorial process which vets these sites for accuracy, validity, timeliness, and of … Continue reading

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Need a place to crash

One of the beauties of traveling in China is the amazing variety of places there are to stay in nearly every city and township. Whereas in the US, most towns do have a motel at least, but they are all … Continue reading

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Complain Complain – What to make of online feedback?

We all want to have the best experience possible when we travel. Indeed, the last thing we want is to book a place and find out it is a dump (been there, done that, used the scratchy towels). Obviously the … Continue reading

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