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What it is…and isn’t…safe to talk about

When I was teaching in the spring of 2008, the countdown to the Olympics was interrupted by massive protests in Tibet. Naturally, the world divided up along the usual lines: westerners hung on the Dalai Lama’s every word and fumed … Continue reading

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Teaching “Little Emperors”

This will not be a long post as there really is not much to say. In my years teaching in China I noticed that we foreign teachers love to complain about our students, how they never listen, never do their … Continue reading

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About the “Little Emperors”

Anyone who reads the newspapers or even watches the international part of the evening news is aware of China’s “one-child policy.” Whatever you make think of the policy, it has been very effective at very rapidly curbing the growth of … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on teaching

For many travelers, an easy way to remain in the Middle Kingdom without breaking the bank is to teach. The Web is full of recruiter sites, ESL pages, message boards, job listings, etc, all claiming they can help you find … Continue reading

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The importance of business cards

When traveling in China’s megacities, one thing should be kept in mind: the taxi drivers are not out to get you, nor are they ignoring you because you are a foreigner, nor are they refusing to take you where you … Continue reading

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How times have changed

It is quite amusing to think how even 20 years ago, people we talking about how Japan was going to eat our lunch and that everyone should be taking the time to learn Japanese, that we should emulate Japanese business … Continue reading

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