Greetings Comrades!

It has come to my attention that China, that great mysterious nation across the seas, is somewhat important and increasingly prominent in the news. Having lived and worked there for several years it is greatly dismaying there is so much uniformed reporting about China. This goes from the homesick and bitter expat blogs to officially formal and supposedly well-written accounts by journalists from the New York Times, the Economist, Wall Street Journal, and others. The worst are the books being written about China – so many of which are little more than disjointed series of stories that somehow are supposed to enable the reader to “understand” China.

In truth anyone who has spent time in China and is willing to be honest with themselves must admit that the longer one spends in China, the more certain one is they know nothing about her. From the vast emptiness of the Tibetan Plateau, to the forests of Jilin, and the conical peaks of Guilin, there is more to China than can be seen in a dozen lifetimes.

This blog is for all China watchers, travelers, residents, scholars, and neophytes – anyone who wishes to take a new look either vicariously or in person, at the world of modern China. Over the coming months and years we will explore art, history, geography, economics, politics, travel, shopping, work, music, and of course food – all the topics one should investigate when looking at the world’s fastest emerging economy.

I am but a Chinese neophyte, having only lived there for three years but I speak the language and am pursuing a PhD which (tangentially at least) considers China’s emergence as an economic and technological superpower. I hope we can enjoy the China journey together.


About redguide2010

While living in China's Guizhou Province I fell in love with the China, and travel more generally. I became especially enamored with the batik art of the Miao/Hmong and Buyi minorities. This love affair filled me with the desire to share this art form and the history, and travel foibles of China, with the world. For Batiks, check this out: I lived in China for more than 3 years doing work as an English teacher, translator, and political economist. In the course of these jobs I had the opportunity to see not only the Southwest (Guizhou, Yunnan and Sichuan) I called home but also to spend time on business in the megacities of Beijing, Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta. In my experience, even the most modern, industrial and seemingly bland concrete jungle contains a wealth of history and cultural experience - for those willing to scratch the surface. Let's take a peek together!
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